Godot 3.1 is out, improving usability and features

After a bit more than one year of work, the Godot developers and contributors are delighted to get their new release out the door, Godot 3.1! It brings much-requested improvements to usability and many important features.

Godot 3.0 was a massive release, which required large rewrites of the engine codebase and breaking backwards compatibility significantly. This new version builds upon it by improving it and finishing the pending work.

As a result, Godot 3.1 feels more mature and easy to use, and it does away with many hurdles introduced in the previous versions.

Head to the Godot Engine blog for more details on the new features!

Or watch the release trailer made by our contributor GDquest:


Godot Engine - Linux 64-bit 75 MB
Version 3.1-stable Mar 13, 2019
Godot Engine - Linux 32-bit 67 MB
Version 3.1-stable Mar 13, 2019
Godot Engine - macOS 64-bit 67 MB
Version 3.1-stable Mar 13, 2019
Godot Engine - Windows 64-bit 37 MB
Version 3.1-stable Mar 13, 2019
Godot Engine - Windows 32-bit 31 MB
Version 3.1-stable Mar 13, 2019

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I just started using Godot about a month ago and put out my first game on Thursday using 3.1 Stable! I'm working my way through the documentation and loving the process. Looking forward to learning more. Thanks for all the developers supporting and working to make Godot better every day!


Godot Engine is a software masterpiece


Awesome, I've been looking forward to this release. I've put you up on the itch.io homepage to celebrate!

Thanks a lot! Great exposure for us just before GDC :)

BTW, will you be at GDC and/or ICGJ?


Yes to both, I was at ICGJ and gave a talk, but maybe you know this by now.


That's amazing! So many new features, improvements...Man that new animation system and the new inspector are AWESOME!!!

Congrats to the whole community. I can't wait ™ for 3.2 already xD